Drink Responsibly

Pressure on Pubs to Display Calorie Count on Menus

The Publicans Morning Advertiser reports that The Local Government Association  (LGA) is calling for pubs, restaurants and cinema chains to provide clear and graphics signs of their food and drinks calorie content.

As part of tackling the growing obesity crisis the LGA believes clear labelling of food and drink will enable customers to make informed decisions about how many calories they consume.

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New ‘On the Door Breathalyser Test’ Introduced in Cornwall

The Publicans Morning Advertiser reports 21 licensees in Newquay and Truro are taking part in the #RU2drunk scheme in an effort to reduce alcohol related crime. Its thought that the recent rise in alcohol fuelled crime has risen by 30% as a result of people drinking at home before going out.
The venues use their own discretion to set the acceptable blood-alcohol level and which customers will be tested. Anyone found to be above the acceptable limit will be refused entry.

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Publican’s Licence Revoked After Man’s Death

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser reports that a Birmingham Publican has had their licence revoked following a man’s death. Officials cited ‘disregard’ of licensing objectives, especially relating to public safety and crime prevention and disorder, as reason for the revoke.

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If studying for your APLH with The Training Matrix, Sections 11 “What do you need to know about Alcohol and its Effects?” and Section 12 “What do you need to know about Your Social Responsibilities as a Personal Licence Holder?” in your workbook cover issues relevant to this case.

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